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16th-Jan-2009 12:16 pm - cheap cf cards
just wished to note that best buy has 2gb 266x compactflash cards for $14.

i don't have any experience with pny cards, but i've no desire to use cards from the top* brands.

[* it's probably not fair to base my poor opinion of sandisk & lexar on failure of the smartmedia cards i've had from them as smartmedia is a crappy format, but...]
20th-Oct-2008 04:28 pm(no subject)
always curious
i was rather happy to see the announcement, earlier this month, that kodak has a new iso100 print film that they say is comparable to ektachrome 100... and their FAQ notes, "...EKTAR 100 Film might be an alternative to high color reversal films? -- Exactly. And that’s important as E-6 processing becomes less readily available."

*that's kinda depressing... it's not quite as bad as the situation with my favorite slide film...there remains only one kodachrome facility in the world and it's not even a kodak subsidiar; also, kodak discontinued it's traditional kodachrome mailers last year. at least they *are still producing k64...but, they're only doing so in 35mm.

mostly, then, it's a reminder to me to find the rolls of kodachrome i'd shot on that trip to the UP with eatstoomuchjam a good while ago [i know i have the film *somewhere still].

'course, i haven't shot *any film at all this year. and, now that i have a dslr with good enough resolution for prints larger than most i did from negatives, i'm less sure that i will.

7th-Sep-2008 10:36 am - wind - sailing
wind theme

11th-Jul-2008 02:14 am - wind
camera olympus
here's my tent under so much wind it's almost flat:

luckily once the wind subsided it just popped back up :)

& I tried to catch the effect of blowing grass in the wind on various exposure ratings to little sucess:
10th-Jul-2008 05:11 pm - no wind; sorry, spike.
always curious
but, it is a new month, anyways...

went looking for inspiration for a stalled print project in the neighborhood of gunn's workplace. found it. [different from what i was expecting, but still, it works for me.]

6th-Jun-2008 03:26 pm - theme!
so i decided to post a new theme...


go to it my evil little photo_speakeasy minions!
6th-Jun-2008 02:15 pm(no subject)
Hey, my name is Sam. You can check out my older work here or here. I've got a Canon Digital Kiss N. I have the standard 18-55, the Tokina 10-17, and the Sigma 10-20. What else do I need? Just today I saw this gorgeous shot of a snail on part of my house, and I almost teared up because I just could capture the incredulousness, you know? I've got two jobs lined up, one working at a studio downtown that specializes in portraits, and the other is working for a production company where I would be documenting clubs, concerts, and events relating to that. When not working, rather, when not being paid, I take pictures of everything - the parties I go to, the bands I see, the buildings I walk near, the colours I'm surrounded by, etc. Mostly, I make sure I can look at one picture from a day, or whatever, and I know everything that happened that day. What would you recommend? Lens type, and place to purchase. Or even if it's a flash I should invest in. What should I stay away from? What are your tips and suggestions?

I should probably mention that I don't/can't use photoshop or anything of the sort. I haven't tried, nor do I really want to, though, anytime soon. I suppose that's something to keep in mind when thinking about what lenses or accessories I should consider.

Other than the above, though, I'm always looking to build up my portfolio some more, and help some people in need of a cheap/free photographer.
1st-Feb-2008 10:41 pm(no subject)

9th-Nov-2007 03:46 pm - ...still seeing things
always curious

it only jumped out at me on this thumbnail view, but *i see a face in it...eyes, nose, ears of, perhaps, a shaggy dog....
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