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Photo Speakeasy!
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27th-Nov-2011 11:58 am - wedding photo tips
Hey Photographers- I would love to get into wedding photography. Looking for advice.
28th-Mar-2011 02:08 pm - Welcome New Members!
Photo Speakeasy has been dormant for awhile, but seeing all these new membership requests is inspiring! Please feel free to share your photographs, ask questions, or propose a new photo challenge. Have fun and enjoy!

- yaaren
2nd-Jul-2009 02:15 pm - Camera Silencer?
I use a 40D for theater and dance photography. I often have to shoot performances instead of rehearsals and am concerned about shutter noise disturbing the audience. Has anyone used a cover like this one or something similar as a silencer? How well did it work?
23rd-Jun-2009 07:05 pm - oops
always curious
thus far, i've found four unprocessed rolls of kodachrome..

the bigger oops, tho, is the unprocessed roll of EIR: Ektachrome Infrared -- i wonder if i can even find anyplace that can do AR-5 processing.
22nd-Jun-2009 10:56 am - time to start shooting velvia?
kodachrome film - discontinuation notice

press release: "kodak retires kodachrome film; celebrates life of oldest film icon in its portfolio"

fuck me. seriously, the best film shots i've ever taken were on kodachrome.

now, it also becomes *crucial to find the lost undeveloped rolls [as that last lab will end processing after 31 dec. '10].
11th-May-2009 05:48 pm(no subject)
always curious
there's a weblog called unphotographable, "a text account of pictures missed," that i like quite a bit.

one photo i wished i could've taken, recently, was while walking home from work around 1am a couple of weeks ago (had left camera & phone at home when i left, late), i saw a gentleman walking about 3/4 of a block ahead of me, wearing a trenchcoat and fedora, who looked flat out like mike hammer..

i'm doing something for SoFoBoMo, "Solo Photo Book Month." if anyone else is looking for a project for june, it's something to consider.
28th-Mar-2009 04:56 pm - clouds for wind?
always curious
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